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Pretty Paw Jersey Shore Harness


The Jersey Shore harness is for the athletic pets who love to go running or jogging along side their owners by the boardwalk. The fibres of the knitted “sweatshirt” like jersey are composed of breathable cotton and contours the neck and chest frames comfortably. The cushioned leatherette ribbing is inspired by the teal tones of Tiffany & Co. adding a cool, fashionable appeal to the beautiful outdoor weather by the shore. This fresh, new design is perfect for any breed as the colour palettes are neutral and non-gender specific.

"designer trends for your four-legged friends"

size 0: 1-3 lbs, neck 10"-11", chest 11"-13"
size 1: 3-6 lbs, neck 11"-12", chest 13"-15"
size 2: 6-10 lbs, neck 12"-14", chest 15"-17"
size 3: 10-17 lbs, neck 14"-16", chest 17"-19"
size 4: 17-27 lbs, neck 16"-18", chest 19"-22"
size 5: 27-41 lbs, neck 18"-20", chest 22"-25"
size 6: 41-60 lbs, neck 20"-22", chest 25"-28"
*measurements: pounds/inches